Locomotive Seal O Rings  which comes under our scope of  supply.

Product Description EMD
Part No.
SEAL.. Water manifold 8433272
SEAL.. Liner to water inlet tube 8305815
SEAL.. Lower liner 9316850
SEAL.. Water outlet elbow to cylinder head 9317972
SEAL.. O-ring – Air box drain 8198078
SEAL.. O-ring – Piston cooling oil 8082587
SEAL.. Cylinder test valve 40017341
SEAL.. Oil drain to crankcase 9529807
SEAL.. O-ring 8423736
SEAL.. O-ring 8429310
SEAL.. O-ring – Aux. generator drive 8308292
SEAL.. O-ring – Stubshaft 8294874
SEAL.. O-Ring 40047150
SEAL.. Pressure elbow to lube oil manifold 8082586
SEAL.. O-ring – Filter discharge 8280352
SEAL.. O-ring – Filter supply 8366436
SEAL.. Water pump – Outer 9526863
SEAL.. Crankcase to oil pan 8187010
SEAL.. O-ring – Cut-off valve & flange mounting 8342588
Silicone cord.. pie shape cyl head cover 9575130 9575318
SEAL.. O-ring- Upper header to tank – Viton 40044420
SEAL.. O’ring 40065194
SEAL.. O-Ring 40061836
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