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Manufacture cylinder liner ,piston ring,liner sleeve as one of the Indian railway approved vendor sources.

Cylinder Liner M 101/001
Piston Ring Sets
a) Piston Ring (Spherically Lapped) M 119/013
b) Piston Ring (With Mola Coating) M 119/014
c) Oil Wiper Ring (Piston) M 119/015
Valve Seat Ring M 202/010
Valve Intel & Exhaust M 209/001
Valve Guide Bush M 211/005
Cylinder Head M 202/009
Valve Spring M 209/008
Spring Base M 209/009
Valve Tapper Piece M 209/010
Rectangular Ring M 211/007 4/DE/08/004.
Security Ring M 211/006
Cam shaft M 301/001
Exhaust Cam M 301/006
Fuel Cam M 302/001
Adopter Sleeve M 302/002
Groove Nut M 302/003
Grub Screw AM 8X8 Din=913-8.8.
Clamping Sleeve 8X10 Din=1481
Inlet Cam M 301/005
Hex Screw AM 10 X 20 M 301/010 4DE/18/079.
Set coller M 301/004
Hex Nut M 301/007
Locking Sheet M 301/008
Locking Part M 302/004
Spring Washer M 201/023
Intermediate Piece M 309/002
Guide Body(Tappet) M 305/004
Adjusting Screw M 206/014
Hexagon Nut M 201/068
Inlet Valve Rocker Arm (Push Rod Side) M 201/053
Bush M 204/005
Roller with bearing & Pin M 306/004
Inlet Rocker Arm. M 201/052
Exhaust Valve Rocker Arm Complete M 206/010
Bush M 204/005
Inlet Valve Rocker Arm M 205/004
Diring Metallic Gasket M 101/006
Push Rod M 307/000
Ball Socket M 307/002
Ball Inset M 307/003
Protection Pipe M 304/006
Guide Pin 2DE/02-009 Ref At.
Ball Socket M 305/006
Guide Body M 305/005
Roller with Bearing & Pin M 306/004
Bush for Roller Guide M 102/010
Flange M 210007
Indicator Valve M 210009