Locomotive kit of Gasket which comes under our scope of  supply.

Product Description EMD
Part No.
KIT.. Gasket – Aftercooler changeout Edge Moulded 9580722
KIT.. Gasket – Aftercooler changeout Sheet Gsasket 9580722
KIT.. Gasket – Camshaft drive housing 9575125
KIT.. Gasket – Turbocharger changeout 40069484
KIT.. Gasket – Lube oil pressure pump 9580728
KIT.. Gasket – Water pump application 9580723
KIT.. Gasket – Cylinder head cover 40012903
KIT.. Gasket – Fuel oil manifold Edge Moulded 9580697
KIT.. Gasket – Fuel oil manifold Sheet Gasket 9580697
KIT.. Gasket – Lube oil scavenging pump 9575132
KIT.. Gasket – Cylinder head cover and frame 40052428
KIT.. Gasket – Overspeed trip housing 40052429
KIT.. Gasket – Power pack installation 9582482
KIT.. Gasket – Cylinder head – Integrated gasket 8479836
KIT.. Gasket – Lube oil separator 40052430
KIT.. Gasket- Lube oil strainer 40052426
Kit Seal… Cylinder Head Cover 9575130
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