Locomotive Gasket which comes under our scope of  supply.

Product Description EMD  Part No.
GASKET.. Pump inlet and outlet 40039270
GASKET.. Supply pipe to strainer 40039265
GASKET.. Piston cooling elbow to accessory drive housing 40039267
GASKET.. Pressure elbow to accessory drive housing 40039268
GASKET.. Strainer to accessory drive housing 40039273
GASKET.. Mounting – Scavenging and pressure pump 40040023
GASKET.. Accessory cover 40048967
GASKET.. Water pipe mounting – Edge molded 40034630
GASKET.. Water pipe mounting – Sheet Gasket 40034630
GASKET.. Elbows to water drain pipe – Edge molded 40034633
GASKET.. Elbows to water drain pipe – Sheet Gasket 40034633
GASKET.. Water inlet tube to water manifold 40040025
GASKET.. Soakback filter to flange – Edge molded 40034622
GASKET.. Soakback filter to flange –  Sheet Gasket 40034622
Gasket.. Aftercooler inlet pipe to water manifold- Edge molded 40034634
Gasket.. Aftercooler inlet pipe to water manifold- Sheet Gasket 40034634
GASKET.. Fuel manifold crossover – Edge molded 40034635
GASKET.. Fuel manifold crossover – Sheet Gasket 40034635
GASKET.. Housing to crankcase 40039283
GASKET.. Oil seal retainer 9570645
GASKET 40050364
GASKET 40050367
GASKET.. Manifold flange 40048969
GASKET.. Manifold mounting 40048966
GASKET 40048964
GASKET 40048963
GASKET.. Manifold to spacer 40048965
GASKET.. Ejector to separator – Printed silicone bead 40039279
GASKET.. Ejector to elbow – Printed silicone bead 40039278
GASKET.. Accessory drive housing to crankcase 40040015
GASKET 9570615
GASKET 9570663
GASKET.. Auxiliary generator drive mounting 40040021
GASKET.. Oil separator to crankcase – Replaces 8028760 40040028
GASKET.. Detector mounting – Edge molded 40040017
GASKET.. Engine stubshaft cover  – Printed silicone bead 40040020
GASKET.. Governor oil line 9570732
GASKET.. Manifold to crankcase 8167060
GASKET.. Air box drain flange mounting 8356239
GASKET.. Piston cooling tube to lube oil manifold 40048968
GASKET.. Connection and eductor tube – Printed silicone bead 40039277
Gasket bottom header to tank 9570895
Gasket head to core 9570894
GASKET.. Cover plate opening cover – Edge molded 40034627
GASKET.. Cover plate opening cover –  Sheet Gasket 40034627
GASKET.. Thermostatic valve – Edge molded 40034621
GASKET.. Thermostatic valve – Sheet Gasket 40034621
Gasket .. Water Discharge Fitting 9570676
Gasket .. Cover Flange to Manifold Flange 9571663
Gasket ..Turbocharger to Exhaus Manifold 40026939
Gasket .. Oil seperator to turbocharger 40026539
KIT.. Valve repair 40029184
Gasket-Chamber to Crankcase replaces 9571655 and 40034378 40055466
Gasket – Expansion Joint to Chamber 40026937
Gasket- Adopter to Expansion Joint 40026938
Gasket – Chamber to Adopter 40026936
Gasket- Y Flange mounting-Edge Moulded 40034629
Gasket- Y Flange mounting-Sheet Gasket 40034629
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