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This coating is applied on other coatings to help them bed-in. Nickel graphite proved useful when used on plasma sprayed coatings

Plasma sprayed coatings are used to increase the wear resistance of piston rings and improve their sliding properties. A variety of coating combination can be produced using this process

A thin layer of copper is applied on the running surface of piston rings to help them bed-in during their first few hours in  operation.Copper running–layers can be applied directly onto base material or on other coatings. This coating is very thin and only survives until full load is applied to engine

Hard wearing coating suitable for piston rings application

The C5 coating consists of two sprayed layers the first one is Molybdenum and the second one is Nickel Graphite. This coating is commercially referred to as RIAS

This coating is applied on its own or in combination with other coatings. It is used as a running-in coating

This hard coating is usually Plasma sprayed, used for its wear resistance and Anti-scuffing properties

This coating can be applied on it’s own or in combination with other coatings. It is used as a running-in coating

Ceramic Chrome is a special type of coating consisting of a mix of hard chrome filled with non metallic ceramic particles to reduce friction between rings and liners, minimize wear and extend ring’s life. Ceramic Chrome enjoys superior characteristics over conventional hard chrome such as low coefficient of friction, good thermal stability, good wear resistance and better scuffing resistance