GE Locomotive Piston Ring

Indo German Industries is a leading manufacturing company since 1977, we are manufacture piston ring from 3” to   10” for various diesel engines, and we are having all the facility for manufacturing the piston ring as per OEM standard, quality and workmanship. Indo German Industries have developed piston rings for diesel engine used in locomotive (ALCO, EMD &MAK), supplying said piston rings to Indian railway and various countries of the world, the performance (LOC & LFR) found within acceptable limit. We can supply piston ring 150×1084-1, 150×1190-1, 150×1193 (150×1254), 150×1221-1 (150×1260), 150×1240, 150×1250, 142×1006 (B4210) & 142×1007-4(B4209).

Indo German Industries manufactured piston rings enhance fuel efficiency, durability that improves the performance of diesel engine; further Indo German Industries gives guarantee to their customers for performance as per OEM standard at a very competitive price.