Alco valve guide & valve seat are the items which comes under our scope of  supply.

Air &Exh valve 45 degree IGI-2231129
Air Valve 30 Degress IGI-22311211
Insert 30′ (0.010″ O/S) IGI-22211818
Insert 45′ (0.010″ O/S) IGI-22211816
Valve Seat Insert 251+ Air Stellite IGI 22211821
Valve Seat Insert 251+ Stellite(STD) IGI 22211822
Valve Seat 30 Degrees Stellite (STD) IGI 22211817
Valve Seat Air 45 Degrees Stellite IGI 22211815
Valve Guide Air &Exh IGI 22311310
Valve Guide IGI 2231138


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