Alco spares  are the items which comes under our scope of  supply.

Gear case complete IGI-12084190
Nozzle guide ring clamping ring IGI-2261377
Nozzle ring fully machined IGI-22610479
Oil seal compressor end IGI-22612122
Floating bushing IGI-4261091
Oil seal turbine end IGI-22612123
Air seal compressor end IGI-2261632
Fuel pump cross head IGI-2320193
Auxiliary spring retainer, upper IGI-2322576-1
Adjusting screw IGI-2321564-1
Adjusting screw seat IGI-2322532
Pin, cam roller fuel pump lifter (bg) IGI-2321605
Fulcrum pin for a & e push rod lifter IGI-2241353-1
Following are for wider fuel cam application IGI-2241654-1
Cam roller bushing IGI-4321051
Pin, cam roller fuel pump lifter IGI-4321061
Floating bushing fuel pump lifter (bg) IGI-2321593
Adjusting screw, push rod IGI-2241101
Seat, valve lever IGI-2241261
Thrust ball IGI-2241271
Valve lever shaft IGI-2241324
Explosion door assembly IGI-2140082
Radiator fan shaft IGI-11161632
Love joy coupling, fuel pump motor & fuel booster pump IGI-11433632
Special nut assembly for exhaust manifold IGI-10080120
Nozzle ring guide bearing carrier ring IGI-10080636
Gear, idler IGI-4351014
Spacer, idler shaft IGI-4281111
Cover, idler shaft, fan end IGI-4281121
Fan shaft IGI-4281102
Bushing, fan shaft, engine end IGI-4281211
Spline shaft IGI-4281103
Hub IGI-4281231


Oil seal blower end (be) IGI-2261212-1
Lube oil pump assembly (mg) following are spares of this assembly)  IGI-2390013-3
Flange bearing back plate IGI-2391314-1
Flange bearing face plate IGI-2391312-1
Plate wearing back plate IGI-2391351-1
Plate wearing face plate IGI-2391352-1
Water pump assembly (mg) with gear. Following are spares of this assembly) IGI-2250013-7 [22500165]
Sleeve tapered, shaft to impeller IGI-2251284-7
Shaft with wear sleeve IGI-22511513
Sleeve for shaft IGI-2251288
Seal plate IGI-2251523
Oil slinger IGI-2251181-1
Disc for slinger IGI-2251182
Hub for slinger IGI-2251521
Nut, impeller spl IGI-21558212
Casing IGI-2251122
Bearing frame IGI-2251132-1
Cam roller, fuel pump lifter (bg-conventional) IGI-2321582
Cam roller bushing IGI-2321592
Cam roller, a &e push rod lifter IGI-2241342
Cam roller, fuel pump lifter (mg+bg (fuel efficient loco) IGI-4321041
Bushing, piston pin end of connecting rod IGI-2171016-1
Floating bush (oil inlet to vib. Damper) IGI-2191921
Auxiliary spring retainer- lower IGI-4321021
Retainer upper aux. Spring f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12   16 cyl. IGI-4321022-1
Water pump assly lb IGI-40004234
Water pump assly rb IGI-40004235
Water pump shaft IGI-8052246
Pump, lubricating oil IGI-33-00270
Pump water with gear IGI-33-00275
Impeller (10dia) IGI-33-00504
Shaft with waar sleeve IGI-33-00505
Key impeller to shaft (size-3/8” x 1”) IGI-33-00507
Bearing, impeller end. IGI-33-00508
Bearing, gear end IGI-33-00509
Gear drive IGI-33-00518
Lever arm (ost) IGI-33-00551
Shaft,levr arm IGI-33-00552


Lube oil pump IGI-33-01190
Chain drive IGI-33-01191
Impeller IGI-33-01293
Sleeve tapered IGI-33-01294
Sleeve IGI-33-01297
Oil slinger assy IGI-33-01300
Shaft, idler IGI-33-53152
Shaft drive and idler gear (set) IGI-33-53126
Key, drive shaft IGI-33-53127
Gear drive IGI-33-53128
Retainer water pump seal IGI-9529473
Seal water pump outer IGI-9526863
Seal water pump inner IGI-9529199
Bushung water pump stationary IGI-8052224
Gasket warer pump housing to support IGI-8209776
Gasket water pump support to bushing IGI-9570647
Bolt hex hed 5/16-18 x 7/8 nylock IGI-9543448
Nut yoke locking ½ – 20 IGI-2151074
Water seal unit IGI-2250036
Plate seal IGI-2251323-1
Gasket seal plate to frame IGI-2251253-4
Disc slinger IGI-2251182
Oil seal IGI-2251211-2
Sleeve for shaft IGI-2251288
Key impeller 3/8 x1 IGI-21512716
Bearing impeller end IGI-2251191
Bearing gear end IGI-2251201
Retainer drive end bearing IGI-2251172
Casing water pump IGI-22511221
Frame bearing water pump IGI-2251143
Impeller 9″ IGI-2251149-2
Impeller 10″ water pump IGI-2251144-3
Stud seal plate to frame IGI-21535222
Retainer thrust bearing IGI-2251182
Water pump shaft IGI-2251154-2
Casing lub oil pump IGI-2391283-1
Casing lub oil pump (std) IGI-2391285-1
Casing water pump IGI-2251123
Lub oil pump assly IGI-1191156
Impeller water pump IGI-2251144-3
Idler shaft for l.o.p. (mg ) IGI-2191326-1
Idler shaft for l.o.p. (bg) IGI-2391325-1


Idler shaft for l.o.p. IGI-4281101
Water pump shaft with sleeve IGI-2251154-2
Water pump gear IGI-10140505
Drive gear w.p. Modified 42 teeth IGI-10142873
Modified l.o.p. Drive gear IGI-10142861
Extension shaft gear IGI-10140487
Water pump casing IGI-22511223
Gasket door to base f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2151123-3
Washer f/ Eng. Mod.251-c. 12-16 and 18 cylinder IGI-2151135
Washer 1/2 in. F/ eng.mod.251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2151495-1
Gasket f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2152234-1
Nut special f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl IGI-2153271
Gasket branch pipe to head f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2153363-1
Grommet pushrod sleeve f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2153403
Gasket inlet header/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12-16-18 cyl. IGI-2153595
Bushing in lever f/ 251-c 12, 16, 18 cyl. IGI-2153638-1
Gasket f/ Eng.  12-16-18 cyl. IGI-2153657-1
Gasket orange for inlet air aftercooler f/turbocharger 12-16 cilinders IGI-2154876
Capscrew 1/2 in -13 x 1 in pump to extension shaft 1/2x13x1 IGI-2154964
Washer special f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2155387
Rod push air and exhaust f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2240014-2
Seal water pump f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 cyl IGI-2250034-3
Sleeve tapered shaft to impeller f/ eng. Mod.251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2251284-2
Cover  f/ eng.mod.251-c  12 cyl. IGI-2320151-1
Cover inspection f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2322602-1
Gasket face plate  f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 cyl. IGI-2391362-1
O-ring injection tube f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2402861-1
Retainer fuel f/ eng.mod.251-c. 12-16 and 18 cylinder IGI-2402871
Bushing f/ eng. Mod.251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2491117
Disc cup f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl. IGI-2491128
Tube injection fuel f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl. IGI-4401031-3
Bolt 1/4 in.-20 x 1-1/4 in. F/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21512849
Capscrew 1/2-13 in. X 2 in. F/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21513512-1
Capscrew 1/2-in-13 x 1-1/2-in. F/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21513513-1
Capscrew 1/2-in.-13 x 2-1/4-in. F/ eng. Mod. 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21513532-1
Capscrew 5/8-in.-11 x 3-1/2-in. F/ eng. Mod.251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21513552-1
Nut stop 1/2-in.-13 f/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyls. IGI-21513724
Pin cotter 7/16-in. Dia. F/ Eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16   18 cyl. IGI-21514047
Stud f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16   18 cyl. IGI-21514223
Stud f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21514279-3
Nut spl. F/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21516311
Gasket f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21522612-2


Gasket f/ eng. Mod. 251-c 12 16 18 cyl. IGI-21522625
Gasket elbow to cyl.head  f/ eng. 12-16-18 cyl. IGI-21522826-1
Impeller water pump.f/ eng.mod.251-c 12 16 p/n 22511422 IGI-22511422
Pin cam roller old p/n. 2241353-1   2241032 IGI-23202819
Pin link to lever f/ eng. Mod. 251-c  12 16 18 cyl. IGI-23211320-1
Nozzle cooling sleeve IGI-2221092-1
Yoke (air & exhaust valve) IGI-2231174-2
Plunger fully finished IGI-2361732
Water pump shaft with sleeve IGI-22251154-2
Extension shaft(bg) IGI-21901313
Extension shaft(mg) IGI-21901316
Valve lever shaft IGI-2241322-4
Highly capacity IGI-3261329
Rotor shaft IGI-3261329
Turbo shaft IGI-25010719
Cylinder head stud(over size) IGI-25010726
Cylinder head stud(over size) IGI-2151767
Cylinder head stud(special) IGI-2501072
Cylinder head stud IGI-2501071
Cylinder head stud IGI-25010716
Connecting rod bolt IGI-2171052


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