WABCO spares  are the items which comes under our scope of  supply.

A9 Automatic Brake Valve IGI-564140
SA9 Independent Brake Valve IGI-564141
C2 Relay Air Valve IGI-538975
J-1 Safety Valve IGI-558296
F-1 Selector Valve IGI-557995
H5 Relay Air Valve IGI-528561
HB5 Relay Air Valve IGI-546814
VA1B Control Valve IGI-564523
A- Differential Pilot Air Valve IGI-564940
D-1 Emergency Brake Valve IGI-564786
HS4 Control Air Valve IGI-561128
NS16 Compressor Governor IGI-85270
2″ VA1 Release Valve with Bypass IGI-545829
VA-1A Control Valve  IGI-560816
MU2B Valve IGI-564144
A1 Differential Pilot Valve  IGI-564940
D-1 Auto Drain Valve IGI 551116
F-1 Selector Valve IGI 557995
D24B Feed Valve IGI 542008-0070
HS4 Control Air Valve IGI 561128
Relay Valve Type C2W IGI 579991
SA9 Independent Brake Valve IGI 564141
Driver Emergency Brake Valve Type D-1 IGI 564786
H-5 Relay Air Valve IGI 528561
HB-5 Relay Air Valve IGI 549930
VA-1B Control Valve IGI 564523
2″ Release Valve Type VA-1 IGI 563510

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Manohar T. BhojwaniCEO, Indo German Industries

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Deep M. BhojwaniMarketing Head, Indo German Industries

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Bhushan M. BhojwaniProduction Head, Indo German Industries