GE piston ring

Piston rings which comes under our scope of  supply.

Piston ring set IGI 150×1084-1
Piston ring set IGI 150×1190-1
Piston ring set IGI 150×1193(150×1254)
Piston ring set IGI 150×1221-1(150×1260)
Piston ring set IGI 150×1240
Piston ring set IGI 150×1250
Piston ring IGI 142×1006(B4210)
Piston ring IGI 142×1007-4(B4209)

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Manohar T. BhojwaniCEO, Indo German Industries

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Deep M. BhojwaniMarketing Head, Indo German Industries

A steep learning curve indicates the task may be difficult and therefore take more effort.

Bhushan M. BhojwaniProduction Head, Indo German Industries