EMD bearing and bushing are the items which comes under our scope of  supply.

Main Bearing Inter IGI 8455666 / 8455862
Main Bearing Inter Narrow IGI 8455668 / 8455856
Main Bearing Centre IGI 8455850 / 8455667
Main Bearing Outer IGI 8455665 / 8455844
Main bearing Inter IGI 9543882 / 9543944
Main Bearing Centre   IGI 9543895 / 9543956
Main Bearing Generator End IGI 9543889 / 9543950
Bearing Insert – CR      IGI 8442226
Bearing Insert – IN      IGI 8361565
Bearing Insert – ST      IGI 8341192

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Manohar T. BhojwaniCEO, Indo German Industries

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Deep M. BhojwaniMarketing Head, Indo German Industries

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Bhushan M. BhojwaniProduction Head, Indo German Industries