Cylinder Liner for a diesel engine

Cylinder liner for a diesel engine is cylindrical and is inserted into the engine block. It is a removable component and a crucial functional part to make up the interior of an engine.

With fuel efficiency, higher performance, and lighter-weight engines in demand, there is a thriving need for improving cooling performance. There is a need for diminishing the clearance between cylinders too.

The functioning of Cylinder Liner

Talking about the functioning part, a cylinder wall in an engine is under high temperature and high pressure. Here the piston and piston rings are sliding at high speeds.

For longer service life of engines for trucks and buses, cast-iron cylinders that have excellent wear-resistant properties are only used for cylinder parts. As the recent trend is of lighter engines, materials for engine blocks have been shifting from cast iron to aluminum alloys.

However, considering the sliding surface for the inner cylinder, the direct sliding motion of aluminum alloys has drawbacks. It reflects in deformation during operation and wear-resistance. For that reason, cast iron cylinder liners are used in most cases.

Types of crucial Cylinder Liners at Indo

German Industries

At Indo German Industries, we manufacture various types of cylinder liners such as open grain, honey chrome, Nitrided for the Alco diesel engine. These are used in locomotive and marine as well.


Cylinder Liner (Chrome-plated) IGI-22110115
Cylinder Liner unplated STD size IGI-2211017-1
Cylinder Liner STD Tuffiried& Nitrided IGI-2211017
Cylinder Liner open grain (plain chrome bore) STD size IGI-22110121
Cylinder Liner with Plain Chrome Plated Bore STD size. IGI-22110119-1
Cylinder Liner  STD size IGI-22101120
Liner Sleeve  Lower STD size IGI-2311062-1

Functions of Cylinder Liners:

  1. Formation of sliding surface

The Alco cylinder liner forms a sliding surface for the piston rings while retaining the lubricant within. Main Characteristics are:

  • High anti-galling properties
  • Less wear on the cylinder liner itself
  • Slighter wear on the partner piston ring
  • Reduced consumption of lubricant
  1. Heat transfer

The cylinder liner receives combustion heat through the piston and piston rings and transmits the heat to the coolant.

  1. Compression gas sealing

The cylinder liner prevents the compressed gas and combustion gas from escaping outside.

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