Locomotive Power

The ALCO 251 diesel engine was originally designed for locomotive power. It is estimated that ALCO 251 engines power some 15,000 locomotives from the utilitarian-duty 900 HP switchers to the 4400 mainline freight locomotives. The ALCO locomotive engine is also known and respected as a long-lived diesel powerhouse for driving icebreakers, tug boats, dredges, pumps, nuclear backup generators, and other applications demanding reliable, rugged, and dependable power. The 4-stroke cycle ALCO 251 produces more power output with less fuel consumption, for longer engine life and lower operating costs. These engines provide high horsepower-to-weight ratios and therefore can generate more power using less space.

251 Plus Package

With the ALCO 251 diesel engine’s simple design, components are standardized across all model types. The advantage of that standardization by designing components with new materials and technology and providing updates to meet changing customer needs. Existing customers get these updates as part of the 251 Plus Package. Plus technology gives existing customers reduced fuel consumption at the same horsepower or the option of additional horsepower.